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A Travel Adventure Novel
by Andrew C. Katen

Fourteen-year-old Patrick Eaton yearns to become an explorer like his legendary ancestors. But in the twenty-first century, it seems he was born too late. Then comes an opportunity to visit Central Asia with his geologist father, followed by the discovery of a secret family journal, and Patrick’s dreams of adventure are met with a life-changing journey across the Silk Roads.

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About the Book

Chaturanga is the story of an ordinary American boy who embarks on an extraordinary journey to Central Asia.  Fourteen-year-old Patrick Eaton was raised on the amazing tales of his forefathers, each of whom were intrepid explorers in their own times.  But here in the twenty-first century, Patrick seriously doubts whether he will have a similar opportunity.  The world is just too small now… and all the frontiers are gone.
On his last day of middle school, Patrick anticipates spending another ordinary summer with his grandfather.  But when he arrives home, news of a family misfortune compels him to reconsider his life and the people he cares about.  And like all hardships, this one has a silver lining…  Patrick is offered the incredible opportunity to accompany his geologist father on a business trip to Azerbaijan.  The night before they leave, his grandfather hands him a mysterious gift – making Patrick promise not to open it until his journey is under way.   Twenty-four hours later, Patrick unwraps a secret family journal that leads him and his father on an unexpected adventure across the Silk Road.  Along the way, they discover secret codes, ancient cultures, political intrigue, buried treasure, and family legacies.

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Praise for Chaturanga

“'Chaturanga' is a very enjoyable novel, written with panache and great scope.  Like Kipling’s ‘Kim’, it takes the reader on a journey through little-known Central Asia, a part of the world still as fascinating as it was 150 years ago." 

– Lutz Kleveman, author of THE NEW GREAT GAME

"A fast-paced tale with epic adventures and episodes of intrigue." 

- Mickey Fulp, "The Mercenary Geologist"

"'Chaturanga' will appeal not only to the young adult audience, but adults as well.  Energy politics is hard for many to grasp, especially if they have not had to worry about where their next tank of gas is coming from or whether their lights will come on.  Andrew Katen's perception of both geopolitical history and current events will help readers understand what is going on in today’s world."

- J. Steven Gardner, PE, SME-RM, 2015 President, Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

“While the story is fiction, the novel has useful and educational information  about Central Asia, including geology, archeology, history, culture, language, people, and the environment. Even names of places and people have helpful pronunciation guides. Chaturanga is an excellent novel for Junior and Senior level high school students  and young adults.”

- Verner C. Johnson, Ph.D., Professional Geologist   

"Thoroughly enjoyable, meticulously researched, and well written with great character development." 

- Donald E. Ranta, PhD, Professional Geological Engineer

"In 'Chaturanga', Andrew C. Katen makes learning fun, he boils down very complex issues,  geo - politics, ancient and modern history, international corporate strategy and more in a very digestible manner. Told through the eyes of his young protagonist it is full of wanderlust and adventure, one that Marco Polo himself would have recognized and enjoyed."

- Francis O'Donnell, Artist, Author, Explorer & Emmy Nominated filmmaker of the PBS documentary "In the Footsteps of Marco Polo"

"What a great story. And, what a great way to encourage the interest of teenagers in history, politics, current events, geography, and economics."

- Larry Eubanks, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

“This novel tells an exciting story through a historical, cultural, political and contemporary narrative that will captivate, educate and stimulate young adults.  The writing is fluid, informed, and imaginative."

– Hussein A. Amery, Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines, Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies

"... an entertaining, heartwarming, hair-rasing, inspirational and educational journey into the world of energy exploration and intriguing geopolitics.  Well done!  I did not want it to end." 

- Stephen Doyle, President, BtuBaron LLC

"...a delightful romp, an epic adventure.  Engrossing, imaginative, and beautifully wrought, it is a tale of legend, lore and discovery that, like the best of books, will educate, fascinate, and resonate.  Katen's book is one that you will keep, share, and one day, want your own children to read." 

- Troy Matthew Carnes, teacher and author of RASPUTIN'S LEGACY

"...a must have addition to every armchair adventurer's library, as well as the perfect immersion experience into exploration and learning!"

- Amazon Reviewer

"...well crafted and expertly researched. Having traveled parts of Central Asia, the sights, sounds and feelings of those places quickly returned as the pages triggered memory after memory."

- Amazon Reviewer

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