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Sacred Alignments: Summer Solstice at Chaco Canyon - Part 4

The multitude of geocosmic alignments and celestially-themed rock art found here suggest this was a place to study and worship alignment — of earth, sky, and spirit. Was it built to celebrate the ancient Hermetic principle of correspondence, famously known by the saying, "As above, so below"? Join me on a tour of Pueblo del Arroyo, Kin Kletso, the Pueblo Alto complex, and finally the great kiva of Casa Rinconada. Together, we will walk in the footsteps of the ancient ones, scaffolded by the same timeless and fundamental elements that guided them, dissolving the bonds of space and time between us, to connect on a psychic level rooted in a universal truth — that we all come from and are part of the one. Welcome back, fellow explorers. Let’s continue our journey.

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